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Bankruptcy Is Not The Credit Disaster Some Imagine

There was a time when bankruptcy bronded a person so that future credit was nearly impossible for years. From what I am seeing, this is no longer the case. Indeed, a bankruptcy filing is often the fastest way to "repair" damaged credit and get back on track.
Many companies speciffically target new bankruptcy filers for car, credit card, and other loans within the first month or two of a bankruptcy filing. Many of these loans are predatory and sould be avoided. However, there are a few good companies to work with even right after your bankruptcy.
As far a a home loan, the government's FHA guidlines set the standard here. Many people can qualify for a new home loan or refinance only TWO years from their bankruptcy filing. In the case of a Chapter 13 filing, one may qualify for a refinace or purchase in as little as ONE year.
There truly is light at the end of a bankruptcy case. Please feel free to call my office to learn more.