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Interesting Bankruptcy Fact via Reddit
Milkyway over Dead Horse Point, UT by erikjohnsonphoto
John Oliver rips the Credit Bureaus
Amazing Female Climbers


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Interesting Bankruptcy Fact via Reddit

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Courtesy of this post yesterday by /u/Thisteamisajoke ... I still am blown away by this statistic. Multiplying then together, we get  44% of ALL bankruptcies come from the medical expenses of people WITH insurance.This is absolutely unacceptable and yet another reason why bernie is right about single payer universal healthcare.


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Milkyway over Dead Horse Point, UT by erikjohnsonphoto

Milkyway over Dead Horse Point, UT  by erikjohnsonphoto

John Oliver rips the Credit Bureaus

Credit Reporting Agencies

Amazing Female Climbers


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CNN video about the positive side of bankruptcy relief.

The upside of Bankruptcy.

CNN ran and interesting story this week about the positive sides of bankruptcy relief.

They actually do a really good job of quickly describing the different chapters of bankruptcy here.

Great Advertising

Very Funny Series of Commercials for New Belgium Brewing Company.

Freddie Mac sells off nearly One Billion in Bad Debt

Freddie Macreportedtoday that it successfully sold off 5,398 very delinquent loans to a private investor that will now own the loans and also service them. The report, below, is further evidence of just how important it is to get an application in for a loan modification while these modifications remain such a high priority for the US Government. 

Clients often ask me to estimate how much a debt collector pays for bad debt. While credit card debt often sells for 1 to 3 cents on the dollar, mortgages are still backed with an actual home so they do not loose as much value, even when no payment has been made for over three years.

Get a lawyer to help you start your business

When starting a business in Utah - or anywhere for that matter - some pre-planning can save time and frustration. I recently helped a client start a business where she turned her small on-line business into a much bigger wholesale and retail presence in Salt Lake City.

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