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Construction Defect
The residential housing boom that enraptured the country over the past ten years led to a substantial increase in the number of construction defect claims.  These defects can not only affect the value of your property and your ability to resell it down the road, but they can threaten the structural integrity of the building and pose a threat to your health, safety or welfare.  Further, if someone else is hurt because of these defects, you could be held liable if your homeowners’ insurance policy contains an exclusion.  While there is a distinction between a nuisance and a defect, the best way to determine your rights is to document the defect as soon as you see it and contact an attorney immediately.  With some exceptions, the defect has likely existed for a while and the sooner you contact an attorney to begin the process of having it repaired, the more likely you are to succeed in a construction defect claim. 
Contract Disputes
Purchase agreements encompass only a fraction of real estate contracts.  Contracts concerning leases, commercial property use, zoning, home warranties, option contracts, and contracts for repair or remodeling can all have legal implications best discussed with an attorney.  When disputes arise, as they inevitably do, our attorneys can help you reach a resolution.

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