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    The Morality of Bankruptcy

    I admire my clients. Many of them are facing one of the stressful times in their lives. Most have fought for years to avoid a bankruptcy. I have seen more grown men cry than I like to count. 

    Many of my clients struggle with the moral and ethical dimensions of filing for bankruptcy. To some, bankruptcy is not just a financial failure, it is a moral failure as well. 

    Recently, I have had some colleagues take on this subject. I was inspired by an articleby Frank P. Pipitone, a Freeport, New York bankruptcy attorney. He goes back to the Old Testament basis of citing both Leviticusand Deuteronomy. He then goes on to cite the US Constitution's directive for the new government To establish . . . uniform Laws on the subject of Bankruptcies throughout the United States…

    His full article may be read here.

    Perhaps a more pragmatic take was expressed in The New Yorker (April 13, 2009). The author, Jill Lepore, argues that the very success of our financial system depends on the "release valve" of bankruptcy. 

    "The idea that debt is necessary for trade, and has to be forgiven, is consequent to the rise of a market economy. Americans fought to provide the same debt relief to everyone because we believe in equality and because bankruptcy protection makes taking risks less risky. Our willingness to forgive debt lies behind a good part of our prosperity." 

    To sum it up, there are historical, ethical, and economic reasons for why we have a bankruptcy code. Like all tools, there is a potential for abuse. However, for those with good motives, bankruptcy relief can be a life saver. One of my greatest satisfactions is to counsel my clients through some of their worst times and to then see them thrive and grow following the bankruptcy process.

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